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John Nash has published books, articles and papers in fields ranging from fluid mechanics, accounting and finance, and local history, to religious history, and to esoteric philosophy. This website focuses on his publications on esoteric and religious topics.


Quest for the Soul, The Soul and Its Destiny, Christianity: the One, the Many (2 vols.), and The Sacramental Church.

Journal articles and other publications

Journal articles, papers, book reviews, and miscellaneous publications on esoteric and religious topics. Recent articles include: "Prayer and Meditation in Christian Mysticism," "Christology: Toward a Synthesis of Christian Doctrine and Esoteric Teachings," "The New World Religion: Opportunities and Challenges," "The Etheric Body," "Occult Orders in Western Esotericism," and "Themes in Western Esotericism."

Short papers include several in the series "Great Esotericists of the Past," the most recent discussing Annie Besant. The most recent book reviewed was Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World, by Charles, Prince of Wales.

About the author

Biographical sketch and contact information.


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